10 Early Warning Signs that You Might be Called to be a Missionary!


Are you one of the few and brave souls who are asking themselves, “Am I called to be a missionary?” If so, this fun post is just for you.

Dustan and Darlene Stanley from The Revolutionary Life at the Taj Mahal
This is us, Dustan and Darlene, and we love our job. 🙂

My name is Darlene Stanley and it has been 18yrs since I first launched into the great unknown and began exploring the world of missions. My life has been filled with adventure, and so many stories that my husband (Dustan) and I now document them in a fun reality tv program called The Revolutionary Life. But be warned…watching it may make you more prone to missionary service! Hah. 🙂

But for most of you out there, this is still a very uncertain time in your life and you may still be searching things out, wondering if you’re “called” to it or not, or if it’s your “destiny.” Well, even if it’s not something that you feel “called” or “destined” to full time, it should still be something every believer does and is a part of in their lifetime.

It’s important to remember that regardless of where life may take you, to see what life is like on the other side of your own border is so healthy. To witness a different culture from your own… To learn different ways of doing things… To experience a love for a people different from you… There is nothing like it and it’s so rewarding!

Darlene Stanley with little girl in Nepal.
Darlene Stanley with little girl in village in Nepal.

I still remember how exciting it was at just 15yrs old to take my first missions trip with my church youth group. It was thrilling!!!! We went to Tijuana Mexico, it was summer time, it was hot, there was no ice, or cold drinking water, no beds, there were BIG bugs, and cold showers….but I LOVED IT! And that moment in my life proved to be the beginning of a life-long journey in missions work, adventures, and full-time ministry! I was addicted and hooked from my first mission trip, and it’s one of my greatest joys to share the life I now live with others like you!

So here’s the fun list I put together for those of you wondering out there if you might be called to be a missionary! This is a good start. ENJOY!

10 Early Warning Signs That You Might Be A Missionary!!!????

1. You LOVE people and you LOVE sharing your faith with others! 

You have an earnest desire to share Jesus with people! You can’t help it. You HAVE TO SHINE, and you have to show the world God’s love. You go out of your way to pray and bless people, from paying for someone’s groceries, to helping the homeless, to being a witness to your neighbor, to praying for your waitress at a restaurant who’s having a stressful day, and to fearlessly leading someone to Jesus…when they’re ready! (Hint, hint, not like Nacho in this famous scene.)

2. You are drawn to different ethnic groups and different cultures.

From befriending the foreign student or co-worker to obsessing over travel videos, to watching the Discovery Channel – ethnic groups and cultures fascinate you. You’re not afraid to make friends with people who are different from yourself!

Dustan Stanley saying hello to baby boy in Ghana.3. You are passionate about justice & peoples freedom.

You can’t stand for injustice, human trafficking, or slavery of anyone, no matter where they are from! For you it’s more than just something you read about or hear about, but you have to be involved with actually helping stop these things.

4 You LOVE traveling & exploring.

You don’t care where you go. Anything new and exotic – you’re there! You love road trips, and dream about seeing the world. You might secretly practice packing your bag just in case an unexpected trip pops up out of nowhere. You got your passport, and are ready for some stamps!


5. You adjust easily to new environments.

You adapt well to new places, making the most of them. You go along with changes when they come up. You are easygoing and able to go with the flow. You are able to find something positive in most situations you encounter.

6. You LOVE trying new foods.

You’re willing to try everything at least once. Doesn’t mean you like everything, but you’re not afraid to try it.


7. You don’t mind getting lost.

Getting lost for you is just a chance to learn more about your surroundings, and have a new adventure! You never know, you just might discover something amazing!

8. You like being outside your comfort zone. (It oddly makes you come alive.)

From being willing to camp in the great outdoors, to sleeping on the ground or floor, to 15 hour bus rides, enduring 24 + hours of plane travel, trekking up mountains, going up river in a canoe, to cold bucket showers, washing your own clothes by hand, to strange food, to public speaking and preaching with a translator in an open air meeting. You don’t mind having to rough it for the thrill of doing something worthwhile!


9. You are drawn to EVERY missionary & missions trip that comes your way.

A new missions trip comes up at church, sign me up! A missionary comes to speak at your church, and you practically “run” up to them just so you can be the first one to talk to them and ask them a million questions.

10. You LOVE all the orphans in the whole wide world!

You don’t care where they are from…any kid that’s been abandoned for any reason you want to take home with you. You must defend, protect, and feed them. And if someone talks bad about the orphans… well, you go all Nacho Libre on them!

And lastly, I have to add as a P.S. In the event that God blows a trumpet from Heaven and tells you…

“Hey you. Yeah, you. You’re called to be a missionary. Got it?”

Well then, duh, that’s a given. You’re definitely called to be a missionary. 🙂

I hope that gives you some fun insight and is helpful! Feel free to add your own thoughts or questions in the comments below! THANKS!

  • Please feel free to connect with my husband and I if you are being called to missions! Here’s the link to our ministry page: Hasten International Mission. We also have a TV series that covers our travels & missions work in about 14 different countries. This will be extremely helpful for you! You can check it out here: The Revolutionary Life. Here you can get a free downloadable Episode when signing up for our emails. The complete season is now available on DVD as well.


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